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Unattended Installation

With ezeep Blue, you can deploy the ezeep Blue Print App, ezeep Blue Connector, and ezeep Blue Connector for Print Server to your organization's computers without user interaction needed by executing the installation through the Windows command prompt with the parameters listed below. 

  1. Download the installer for the component you want to install from the Apps page in the admin portal, or the Quick Start page for the Connector for Print Server (Network Printer Connector) Unattended InstallationUnattended Installation
  2. Open a command prompt as administrator and change into the directory that contains the downloaded installer file.
  3. Run one of the following commands to start the unattended installation:

For ezeep Blue Print App: ezeepPrintApp.exe /S /V"/qn/"

command line install for print appFor ezeep Blue Connector: ezeepConnector.exe /S /V"/qn/" 

command line install for connector

For ezeep Blue Connector for Print Server: ezeepConnectorforPS.exe /S /V"/qn/"

command line install for connector for PS

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