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Add Printers from Windows PCs or Print Servers

With ezeep Blue, one way of sharing printers with your users is from a Microsoft Windows print server or PC. This setup is ideal for offices or shared workspaces, where many users or employees would like to utilize the same printer or set of printers for on-site printing from their own devices. Existing print environments can be connected to the cloud using the ezeep Blue Connector apps with minimal effort, too.

To publish the printers you have hosted on a Print Server or PC to the cloud, you will need:

  • A Windows PC that hosts the printer(s) you would like to share with your users, such as these:Add Printers from Print Servers: printers installed in Windows
  • The ezeep Connector for Print Server: This software component runs as a Windows background service and publishes your local printer information to the cloud and your ezeep Blue account.

Download and Install the ezeep Blue Connector for Print Servers on the Microsoft Windows device.

First, download the ezeep Connector for Print Server. Then, run the installer and follow the prompts.

Add Printers from Print Servers: installing the connector for print server

Log into the ezeep Blue Connector.

Once the installation finishes, a window with a login prompt will appear. Log in with your ezeep Blue admin credentials. Note: Any user account that you have set Admin privileges for can add printers via the Connector, in addition to the main admin account.Add Printers from Print Servers: authenticating the connector

Check your newly added printers.

After logging in, you can go to Network Printers > Connectors and see that your new print server / PC is listed in the connectors.

Now, when you click the Printers tab, you'll see your new printers listed.

Add Printers from Print Servers: network printers page

Your print server / PC's printers are now available in ezeep Blue, and you can now use the Centralized Printer Assignment to assign printers to your users.

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